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Professional brand visual image and logo guidance system supplier

Bendo was established on June 18, 2008. We are a supplier of brand visual image and logo guidance system. At present, we are mainly engaged in the design of corporate image strategy and the production and installation of signage products. We are known as creative design, good quality, competitive price,fast reaction and good aftersales service.

We have 15+ years of experiences for give
you better quality results.

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Sinopec Gas Station

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Mini Dolphin Gas Station

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Vivo X Series Image Logo

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Dragon Lion Jing Long Fu outside tower card

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display props

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Gas station light box

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Car brand blister luminous LOGO

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Large gas station outdoor tower

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Large gas station tower

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The logo industry enterprise certificate is a certification document obtained by an enterprise in a specific industry, which is a symbol of technical level, professional ability and reliability. It is not only an advantage for enterprises in market competition, but also an important tool for enterprises to improve their reputation and increase business opportunities.

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